Our Approach

We believe that the design and execution of the projects we support must be evidence-led, and we are uniquely positioned to monitor the impact of the initiatives we support.

Our projects come from the research and data that is collected and gathered each year by our colleagues at Opeartion Wallacea.  The surveys and fieldwork they conduct year on year means our projects have data at their heart.

Operation Wallacea is a conservation research organisation that is funded by, and relies on, teams of student volunteers who join expeditions for the opportunity to work on real-world research programs alongside academic researchers.

These surveys produce valuable data that can be are used to monitor the effect of alternative community enterprises on nature conservation. Their data allows the Trust to be well informed and evidence-led in its approach to improving community’s standard of living, inextricably connected to their environment and it’s sustainable use.

Whilst the Wallacea Trust charity is entirely independent of Operation Wallacea Limited, with no shared Directors or Trustees, our work means the contribution and hard work of the students and researchers lives on.

"This collaboration between a business funded model (Operation Wallacea) and a charity (The Wallacea Trust) has proved to be a strong symbiotic relationship"


The costs of identifying potential projects to fund and the mechanisms most likely to be successful are all part of the Operation Wallacea funded research programmes so the Trust does not need to spend hard won funds on initial project development.

The Operation Wallacea annual biodiversity monitoring programmes produce free of charge the data needed to monitor the success of the Trust’s projects.

Conservation management interventions cannot be funded from the tuition fees paid by the Operation Wallacea students so the follow-on funding from the Trust is essential.

Students and researchers from Operation Wallacea want conservation benefits to arise from the biodiversity data they have collected.