Our History

The Wallacea Trust (formerly The Opwall Trust) was created in 2000 to provide funding for conservation management projects across the world, with an initial focus on the area of Indonesia known as the Wallacea Region.

Through support from institutions such as the World Bank, the Darwin Initiative and national aid agencies, the Trust has since been able to deliver environmental management programmes in areas including as Indonesia, Honduras, the Caribbean and at sites in 14 countries around the world.

From its beginning, the Trust has supported the next generation of scientists and encouraged school and university students to explore the world of biodiversity.  In 2011 we started our Alfred Wallace Grants programme to support students on fieldwork expeditions.  In 2012 the Trust launched the Wallace Resource Library (WRL), a project to bring the tropical conservation experience into the classroom by giving students in the UK access to real life data sets donated by Operation Wallacea scientists.


"Since its launch, the WRL has been provided free-of charge to approximately 1000 schools from six continents"