About The Wallacea Trust

The Wallacea Trust aims to address the decline of environmental biodiversity found across the world’s poorest countries. We do this in partnership with local communities – developing sustainable economic incentives, small business ventures and providing support.

We bring together academics, conservationists and local stakeholders to manage marine and terrestrial projects at vulnerable sites across the globe.

To target our research, education and wardenship on the ground, we work alongside Operation Wallacea, an expedition and research organisation that undertakes large scale biodiversity monitoring and conservation research.

Our scholarship programme gives funding to disadvantaged students from UK and the USA to give them the opportunity to participate in biodiversity projects in developing countries.


"The Wallacea Trust is unique in that it links enterprise development with biodiversity directly within local communities"

Whilst funding for nature conservation projects often includes provision of alternative livelihoods, Wallacea Trust projects explicitly link these alternatives to the enhanced protection of the wildlife and habitats.  Once individuals or communities have a financial benefit in protecting their wildlife then the effects can be spectacular.